Young Justice Action Figures

December 13th, 2010 Posted in Mattel

hurrijak posted a picture of the upcoming line of Young Justice action figures over on the board and they look good. The new Aqualad, Speedy, Kid Flash and Icicle Jr. are shown, but no word yet on what other figures will be in the line, what the price is, or whether female sculpts can be expected. Hopefully we’ll have more news as it comes!

Edit: OK, we’re behind the times with that line! Apparently AFI has a thread going back to December 2 answering all our questions and more, including a helpful post by Red Ricky explaining the following:

Other bits of Information:

1. Line-up for 2011 will consist of 12 singles.

2. Hall of Justice is 25 inches wide (and I guess made out of 12 pieces.)

3. They will also offer 2-packs in the 4.25 inch scale (I guess, instead of 3-packs) that will come with a Character ID display.

4. They said that they would also make more articulated, 6 inch figures, of the Young Justice Characters. And that these would be sculpted by the Four Horsemen. They also said that they would retain “the animated style”. So fans of the DCUC line might be looking at another Public Enemies Scenario.

5. So far, the singles will consist of Speedy, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Icicle Jr.

6. 2-packs will consist of Batman & Robin, Flash & Kid Flash, Aquaman & Aqualad.

7. The 6 inch Horsemen Figures scheduled are Robin, Aqualad and Artemis.

8. Other figures for the year are “to be determined”.

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